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Just Wing It Collection


The pieces in this collection remind me of a close up view of a butterfly's wing. They are made with translucent clay while allow light to pass through giving them a unique look. They are also coated with resin to give them a high shine finish. 

All clay stud top earrings in this collection are made with nickel free, hypoallergenic pure titanium studs. All gold topped earrings are made with nickel free, 18K gold plated brass stud tops or hooks with the exception of the gold bar drops which have a stainless steel stud post.

Due to the nature of the marbling technique, every earring is unique and may differ from the posted pictures.

***The charms in this collection are made with raw brass and may need to be polished after regular wear. You can do this with a natural polish made by mixing baking soda and lemon juice applied with a cotton swab and wiped with a soft, clean cloth.***

Every earring in this collection is made by hand. Please allow for slight imperfections or color variations from the photos as every screen displays colors differently. Each pair comes with a 90 day warranty. To find out more about this warranty and the care of your earrings click here.